Edward Fuller

Enjoys going forwards…

Edward lives in a little village near Honiton and studies at Wellington School Somerset. He has just sat his GCSE’s and hopes to continue with A levels and then university.

He has a younger brother, Tom, who also is a keen rower.
When not rowing Edward enjoys being outside walking the dog, assisting with the garden and house maintenance.

He is a huge F1 fan and also an Exeter Chiefs rugby supporter.

About Edward

In 2014 Edward decided to try rowing at school using indoor rowing machines due to most other sports being unavailable to him because of his severe Haemophilia. His teacher noticed that even at 12 years old he showed promise and advised him to join his local rowing club, Exeter.

At the time Edward’s Haemophilia was not very well controlled and he suffered joint bleeds which for a time, meant that he was restricted to a wheel chair due to the pain in his ankles.

At 12 years old his medical team at both Exeter Hospital and Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital started him on Factor 8, a medicine that adds to his blood, what most people have occurring naturally (it allows blood to clot and stops internal joint bleeds).

Edward injects this medication every other day intravenously in order to maintain his clotting levels and prevent further bleeds. Since starting this medication he remains very well and trains on both the water and land 6 days a week.

At 12 years old Exeter Rowing Club kindly accepted him as a member, supporting and coaching him to the position he’s in now.

Since joining the club he has gained many West of England Amateur Rowing Association successes and has also competed in National Competitions and Edward has achieved a significant amount of success rowing with his doubles partner Oliver Wickham.